purify and restore your microbiome through organic, transdermal self care

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Certified Organic by COSMOS.

No animal products.

Never tested on animals.

Organic essential oils of highest quality and potency.

Effective odor protection by the base formula and antibacterial properties of essential oils.

Recycled and recyclable packaging.

Safe for sensitive skin.


LOUPE certified organic roll-on deodorants are formulated with organic essential oils regarding both their anti-bacterial and aromatherapeutic effects.

The effective base formula is a combination of organic and natural ingredients that naturally neutralize odor and absorb moisture due to sweating.


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Ylang Ylang

We source organic, pure, and nutrient-dense ingredients to consistently nurture the skin.

Our formulations do not contain chemical materials that can cause pollution. 

Instead, they consist of high concentrations of clinically proven ingredients.



home is you