LOUPE is a certified organic self care brand.


La Loupe, in French, means magnifying glass. We associated with this word to emphasize the need for taking a closer look at the products we use during our daily rituals and the ingredients they contain.


We formulate self care solutions that support the natural rhythm of the human body. Through the inclusion of top quality organic essential oils and purified complimentary compounds, our self care formulations possess transdermal and aromatherapeutic benefits.


We believe that every single ingredient that the body needs is provided in nature;

we simply choose to take a deeper look and determine the most suitable solutions instead of chemically harming our bodies in search of the perfect fragrance and artificial looks.


We help you purify and nurture your skin with clean, beautiful, and effective products.


Experiencing transdermal and aromatherapeutic effects on a daily basis will remind you that it doesn’t take much to feel good wherever you are;



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