Are LOUPE deodorants vegan?

Yes, LOUPE deodorants are 100% vegan. No animal-derived ingredients are used in our formulations. 

Are LOUPE deodorants tested on animals or cruelty-free?

LOUPE has neither conducted nor commissioned animal testing for any products or ingredients. Microbiology, stability and challenge tests are conducted by reliable and reputable laboratories to ensure safety and quality.

As a recognition of our commitment to end animal testing, we are proud to be Leaping Bunny Certified, which is a gold standard for cruelty free products.

Are LOUPE deodorants alcohol free?

Yes, LOUPE deodorants are “alcohol free”, meaning it does not contain Ethyl Alcohol.

Experts advise avoiding skincare products that contain alcohol, since alcohol (such as ethanol or rubbing alcohol) can dry out your skin. Applying alcohol containing products on your skin could lead to itchiness, flaking, and skin peeling.

However, The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel has concluded that fatty alcohols, including cetearyl alcohol, are safe for use in cosmetic products. In clinical studies, cetearyl alcohol was found to have no significant toxicity, not to irritate the skin and was non-mutagenic.

We safely use cetearyl alcohol for a smoother application to the skin.

Products contain cetearyl alcohol are allowed to be labelled “alcohol-free”, according to the FDATrusted Source. Cetearyl alcohol is also included on the FDA list of safe and permitted food additives.

Are LOUPE deodorants aluminum-free?

Yes, LOUPE deodorants are aluminum-free. Our formulations are within Cosmos Organic certification requirements, which guarantees that they do not contain genetically modified ingredients, parabens, synthetic fragrances or any other harmful ingredients.

Do LOUPE deodorants contain Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda)?

No, LOUPE deodorants are free of Baking Soda and formulated to be irritation-free.

How are LOUPE deodorants scented?

LOUPE does not use any synthetic or natural fragrances. The deodorants are scented with organic essential oils, blended regarding their anti-bacterial and aromatherapeutic effects as well as their aromas. Learn more on our ingredients page.

Are LOUPE deodorants suitable for sensitive skin?

LOUPE deodorants are formulated to be safely used by everyone. To ensure this, we avoided to use ingredients that can cause irritation, and include moisturizing ingredients such as organic coconut and jojoba oils to sooth and nourish the skin.

Learn more about our deodorants over on our ingredients page.

What can I expect switching to LOUPE deodorants?

It depends on your skin and your habits. You may experience a transition period if your are exposed to synthetic or artificial ingredients. This will allow the natural diversity of bacteria on the skin to recalibrate to a normal state. You may experience odor during this short period simply due to this state change.

"Taking a break from antiperspirant can help restore the natural diversity of bacteria on the skin and let the natural microbiome re-establish itself”

Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research in the Department of Dermatology at The Mount Sinai Hospital.

Do LOUPE deodorants stain clothes?

No, unlike conventional roll-ons and antiperspirants, LOUPE deodorants will not stain any clothes as long as the application steps are followed.

Will I experience a transition period after switching to LOUPE deodorants?

Some people, especially those who have been using antiperspirants, experience a transition period, which may result in excess sweating or body odor. You can shorten this period by applying the deodorant both day and nighttime while also taking care of your personal hygiene.

Is LOUPE unisex?

LOUPE is a gender neutral brand and we formulate each product for everyone.

Are LOUPE deodorants safe to use during pregnancy?

LOUPE deodorants are formulated to be safe for soon-to-be and new mothers. You can review all of our ingredients through here. If you have any questions about a specific ingredient, we recommend talking to your doctor before using it.

How does LOUPE select its ingredients?

Ingredient and supplier selections are subject to comprehensive guidelines and researches to ensure safety and sustainability along with the highest quality.

LOUPE deodorants are carefully formulated regarding both anti-bacterial and aromatherapeutic effects of organic essential oils, derived from organic botanicals. Our base formula is a combination of organic and natural ingredients. You can find a full list of our ingredients here.

All of our formulations are within Cosmos Organic standard, guaranteeing that they sourced responsibly and do not contain genetically modified ingredients, controversial chemicals, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or any other harmful ingredients. 

What about my allergies?

While LOUPE deodorants are being safe for sensitive skin, we still recommend you to review all of our ingredients through here. We advise not to use any product containing anything you might be allergic to.

Natural or Organic?

The term “natural” itself is not defined or regulated by FDA, USDA or any other organization. Since there are no regulations for natural products, various definitions by different brands result in great skepticism and abuse. On the other hand, the term “organic” is regulated and the final product needs to be certified in order to make such claim.

LOUPE deodorants adhere to Cosmos Organic standards and have been inspected during all processes, from production of raw materials to the distribution of finished products, to guarantee that ingredients are sourced responsibly and safe for the environment and human health. 

Our formulations are 100% natural, and 70% of our ingredients are resulted from organic farming. We believe nature has the solution, but also appreciate the achievements of plant-based chemistry when used appropriately. Accordingly, our certified products are combination of carefully selected safe and effective ingredients.

Are LOUPE deodorants organic?

LOUPE deodorants are certified organic. In order to become certified organic, formulations have to be inspected to ensure that their ingredients are safe, truly sustainable and biodegradable. Such inspections are regulated by respected organizations such as USDA and Cosmos Organic.

LOUPE deodorants are 100% natural, and 70% of our formulas are resulted from organic farming. Remaining ingredients are achievements of plant-based chemistry which made it possible to deliver remarkable results without the use of potentially harmful synthetic chemicals. 

What is the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants?

Antiperspirants artificially reduce sweating by using potentially harmful active ingredients such as aluminum in order to clog sweat glands. While doing so, they actually prevent the body’s natural way of cooling down and detoxifying.

In fact, sweat itself does not have a strong odor, but it is actually bacteria that causes odor. Deodorants are formulated to catalyze an odor-causing bacteria removal process which is the natural way of neutralizing odor.

We use organic essential oils and zinc ricinoleate for their antibacterial effects to support this process.

Does LOUPE deodorants irritate skin since it has essential oils?

LOUPE DEOs are dermatologically tested and proved to be non-irritant. 

Essential oils used in our formulation is tested for its high quality, and the amount used is controlled to ensure that LOUPE deodorants are safe for sensitive skin.

Nevertheless, make sure that you don’t have any known allergies to essential oils used in the formulation.