We believe in establishing a foundation that brings awareness to environmental protection and sustainability.


Our philosophy is to ensure quality, excellence, and sustainability; while actively seeking to improve our formulations and packaging, evolving towards green solutions with minimum impact on our planet.


We are dedicated to be transparent and accountable in this process so that you can also be a part of this sustainable development.




Certification does not only guarantee that the certified organic product is safe for the human body, but also ensure that it is safe for the environment.


By formulating certified organic solutions, we support organic agriculture that respects biological variety and natural balance by producing significantly less carbon dioxide and waste as there are no synthetic molecules involved in the process.


We are proudly certified by Cosmos Organic, the standards of which covers all aspects of production and more: sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and even marketing to ensure the highest feasible sustainable practices. The goal is not only to promote organic and biodegradable ingredients, but also to emphasize sustainability as a primary production concern.







Amber Glass Bottle

Loupe deodorants are stored in amber glass bottles in order to maintain stability of our formulations, which contain high concentrations of active botanical extracts and pure organic essential oils. Amber glass also provides UV protection to light sensitive oils, preventing any contamination of our ingredients as well as minimizing the need for preservatives.



Our deodorant caps and roll-on balls are made of PP plastic, as PP doesn’t require as much energy to produce and generates less waste compared to other plastic alternatives. Since PP plastic production combines recycled and new plastic, we’re currently seeking options to increase the recycled content of our packaging.



Our cylindrical outer containers are made of responsibly sourced and 100% recycled paper to ensure durability and sustainability.





Our production processes are clean and transparent with a strict quality control system established regarding waste management, energy efficiency, and complete traceability of ingredients.