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Plant-based ingredients and naturally derived products have been thoroughly studied for many years. Some of these critical studies sadly resulted in synthetics mimicking natural ingredients, which cannot deliver the same benefits to the body and may cause crucial side-effects. 


The Importance of Accreditation and Certification for Organic Products

Many big companies claim that their products are certified organic but refuse to divulge their proper certification to prove it. NDA does not agree with this practice. We believe that we owe it to our customers to offer proof of our certification. Earning organic certification is a company’s best approach to authenticate a product’s purity and quality as well as to establish proof that a third party has confirmed they are vigilant about the ecological conservancy involved in their products. A seal of certification also gives conscientious consumers the peace of mind that the organic methods that went into manufacturing the organic product they are purchasing has in some way benefited not only individual farms but also entire communities, the land, and the environment at large.

For some companies, printing the “organic” claim on their products is more about inspiring excitement and promoting publicity for their brand than it is about delivering genuinely organic products comprised of mostly or entirely natural ingredients. Seeking to benefit from the value that the organic label gives their products, these companies end up deceiving customers, hiding the fact that many of these products continue to be processed inadequately or in environments that expose them to chemicals and other synthetics. This is what makes the certification stamp so important; the product should have “certified organic by…” followed by the name of the certifying body. If a company claims that their products are organic but lacks the official certification to prove it, or if it infringes the USDA organic regulations, it risks facing a large pecuniary penalty or having their certificate either revoked or suspended.




Aluminum -

Paraben -



Listed as dibutyl phthalate, dimethyl phthalate and diethyl phthalate. These are more commonly found in perfumes, nail polishes, hair spray, deodorants and lotions. Phthalates are known endocrine disruptors. They can cause early breast development in children, increase the risk for breast cancer and reproductive birth defects in males and females. Note that phthalates are not always listed and can be hidden under fragrance.


This is a known skin irritant and can cause hives and dermatitis.



The term fragrance can include a wide variety of scent chemicals and ingredients which can affect the reproductive system. Fragrance has also been linked to dermatitis, allergies and respiratory issues. It can be listed as parfum or aroma as well.



Research shows that less than 20% of the chemicals - found in skin care products that are used through everyday rituals - are evaluated for safety in the US. Especially considering the Deodorant, it is clinically proven that ingredients used while formulating even the most popular brands included neurotoxins, carcinogens, and reproductive toxins that eventually adds up to bioaccumulation. 


While more research is needed to deduce whether regular deodorant use is correlated with health issues, like breast cancer, the jury is not out on concerns of bioaccumulation. There is no doubt that our body is an open and connected system, meaning that our lifestyle and the products we use have a greater effect on our wellbeing than was once previously imagined.



Many traditional deodorants on the market are actually antiperspirants. If you use a roll-on, or aerosol spray, you’ll likely find zirconium tetrachlorohydrex or aluminum chlorohydrate in the active ingredients list. These ingredients are actually forms of aluminum that clog underarm sweat glands that shut down normal perspiration. And while there has been no direct link between deodorants containing aluminum and cancer as of yet, such speculation has led consumers to become more mindful about what they’re putting on their bodies. What is known is that aluminum may cause gene instability in breast tissue that may play a role in promoting tumor or cancer growth. It’s even been found that over half of all breast cancers begin in the upper outer part of the breast, right near the underarm. Certainly, such a statistic is not enough to connect all aluminum-based deodorants with breast cancer incidence, but it has caused eyebrows to raise.


If the aluminum concern alone isn’t enough to make you switch, consider parabens. Found in many popular antiperspirants, parabens are synthetic preservatives. Research suggests that parabens are pesky endocrine disruptors that can interfere with the production and regulation of hormones, like estrogen. The concern is that we apply deodorant close to or on the estrogen-sensitive tissue of our underarm and breast, which may thwart our endocrine system’s balance and promote the growth of diseased cells. Keep in mind that chronic diseases, like autoimmune conditions and cancer, are complex, multi-stage processes that take years to develop, so it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint one exact cause. What you can do is take the steps to put yourself in a position of better health by using a paraben-free deodorant



Corpus does not contain any potentially harmful chemicals. And, it’s just as effective as the brands you’ve used your entire life— plus, it smells better too. Most deodorants marketed as “natural” are misleading because they often only “contain natural ingredients.” Corpus doesn’t cut corners or formulate with just a few natural ingredients. Corpus is completely naturally derived.

If you’re curious about switching to natural products, start with deodorant. You’ll likely spend over 3 and a half days of your life applying deodorant, so why not make sure you’re lathering on something that’s not only good for you, but also formulated with the most recent and advanced science in mind. Trust us, Corpus is not a thick paste DIY kitchen recipe, rather it’s a high-quality, luxury formula that took years for body care and beauty industry experts to perfect. Beyond the unparalleled formulation, Corpus is sustainably manufactured to also decrease the environmental impact.

Swapping out your go-to deodorant for Corpus is easy. But, let’s be real— many people are intimidated or afraid to switch to a natural formulation because they believe that doing so requires an underarm-detox-period where they will sweat and reek of unbearable body odor. Luckily, there is likely no or only a minimal detox period when switching from your name brand deodorant to Corpus. Did you catch that? Switching from other deodorants to Corpus’ natural formulation is a minor adjustment for your body. Switching from antiperspirant to deodorant (any deodorant, natural or not) and you should expect an adjustment period.

Trust us, giving up your pore blocking antiperspirant will have your underarms thanking you in the long (and short!) run. Our propriety formulation goes on lightly to neutralize body odor without harsh synthetics, and will even keep you fresh after sweaty workouts and stressful life moments.