Why Organic?

The benefits of organic farming practices include conserved energy, improved health and quality of soil and water, and heightened biodiversity. Organic products are believed to have higher numbers of therapeutic properties and to thus exhibit a greater number of beneficial effects, making them ideal for aromatherapy applications. They are also believed to be safer for application, due to the minimized use of synthetic or potentially harmful substances.


One of the main benefits of using organic products is that their growth and production assures environmental sustainability through eco-friendly practices. These practices include growing crops through the use of natural methods as much as possible, growing crops by salvaging and reusing natural resources, and generally leaving less of an environmental impact than conventional farms.


The product seal that displays proof of organic certification is a message to consumers that a third party has verified that the product does not contain any GMOs or any contaminants. The organic seal is evidence that a producer has satisfied and acted in accordance with regulations, compliance inspections, and approved materials and that the producer has contributed to the safeguarding of the earth and water. It provides consumers with the guarantee that producers are accountable and that their processes are trackable.


Each time buyers choose to purchase certified organic products, they support and help advance the growing movement that seeks to rectify the state of the environment through the promotion of wholesome and holistic practices with regard to managing soil, crops, and stock. This in turn encourages the farming processes that respond to the problems of pollution and diminished soil health as well as soil erosion. Carrying out organic agricultural practices has been known to enhance the land’s fertility, efficiency, yield, and biodiversity over time, bestowing these benefits upon future generations.


Many skin-care brands claim they are “natural” while LOUPE is Certified Organic, representing our commitment to not only human well-being, but also protecting the environment and biodiversity.